Comp Sci PhD positions at University of Pisa

13 PhD fellowships in Computer Science at the University of Pisa, covering three years: Nov 2019 – Oct 2022

Our PhD program is a joint collaboration between the University of Pisa and the Universities of Florence and Sienna. Among the 13 fellowships: one is specifically devoted to researches on Cyber-security, one on the theme of Big Data, and one on the theme “Human-Robot Interaction”. The others cover the general theme “Computer Science”, thus including Cloud/HPC, AI and Machine Learning, Algorithms, IoT and cyber-physical systems, Smart Communities and Social Networks, FinTech and Industry 4.0, BioInformatics and Smart Health, etc.. We also have 4 more positions without fellowships.

Fellowships are increased by 50% for periods of research visits abroad.  Extra funding is available to PhD students for their participation to international conferences, schools, workshops, and short research visits. The language of the PhD program is English.

The deadline for applications is 29 May 2019 (hr 13:00).

For more info on the call please look at the site: (ENG), (ITA). 

Since 1982, when it was established, our PhD in Computer Science aims to train researchers and innovators in Information Science and Technology, so our PhD students are involved since the beginning in research activities of our Faculties and research groups, they are invited to attend monographic courses and international PhD schools, as well as to spend study and research periods in academic and industrial research centers in Italy and abroad. Our PhD offers strong relationships for research projects, internships and job placements with prestigious ICT companies worldwide in the area of Big Data and Web, Cyber-security, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Smart Communities and Social Networks, FinTech and Industry 4.0, BioInformatics and Smart Health, etc. Special attention is in offering opportunities to internships in startups and innovative companies with an international visibility.

At the end of the PhD, our students will be able to contribute to the definition of new models and theories for computation and information processing; foundations, algorithms and SW/HW platforms for the organization, storage and analysis of (Big) data; new languages and tools to support emerging programming paradigms, such as the ones required or designed in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Fog computing, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Networking, Programming paradigms and methodologies, etc..

For more information about the PhD program, please look at: or contact Prof. Paolo Ferragina at          

Chase McIntyre at Yardi

Chase Mcintyre, Software Development Engineer at Yardi

Graduating with a BS in computer science and a minor is Mathematics in May 2019. While at CI, worked as a PLTL leader for Comp 105, 150, 151, and 162. He was most known for his mastery of the Comp 162 material. His capstone is the development of an Android based business networking application, utilizing Near Field Communication hardware. His adviser is Jason Issacs.

In Chase’s words: I love studying psychology, religion, philosophy, and history in my off time. (I’m a big fan of Dr. Peterson’s work, Dr. Haidt’s work, and many others). I hope to one day work with machine learning/artificial intelligence, to build machines focused around communicating and interacting with humans. This is, and has been, my dream since I was in high school. I’m currently taking 20 units of upper division stem classes and working two jobs – totaling to 70-85 hours a week depending on my homework load. I think AJ and Anna are amazing professors, their challenging classes defined me as a programmer, and forced me to greatly expand my skills. Their experience has been invaluable to me.

Career Fair April 2019

We are preparing to host our Career & Internship Fair on April 17, 2019. Currently, we have 21 employers registered to attend the fair who indicated they will be recruiting from Computer Science and Information Technology.

For a full list of organizations, download Career Fair Plus on your smartphone or table and get real-time information including participating employers, industry, types of positions being recruited, and more. You can also filter based on your career interest, position type, and location.

  • County of Ventura
  • GBL Systems Corporation
  • Haas Automation
  • Yardi 
  • The Trade Desk

Career Fair: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: Broome Library Plaza


Video Guide – a short video that provides a number of tips to help guide students through the event. How to Prepare for Career Fair Video (YouTube) How to Prepare for Career Fair Guide (PDF, 87.3 KB)

Brandon Artner software developer at Yardi

Brandon Artner is a Software Development Engineer at Yardi Systems. He graduated from CSUCI with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2018. While he was an undergraduate at CSUCI he was an Intern Software Engineer with TRAX International hosted by GBL Systems. He also worked at the STEM Center for four years as a CS and Math tutor. During his studies, he also contributed to research projects involving shape analysis and thin coat instrumentation. His senior capstone project was developing a cryptographic voting system under the guidance of Professor Soltys.

Job positions at NAVFAC

Job Title: Student Trainee (Engineer), GS-0899-04

Who may apply: Current students enrolled in an engineering or related accredited program.

Position: Temporary Appointment NTE 1 Year (20 selections may be made)

Open Period: 02/13/19 – 02/19/19

Department: DON, NAVFAC, EXWC

Duty Location: Port Hueneme, CA

Interested applicants apply at:

Automated letters will be sent to you during different stages of the recruitment process and you may check your own status in USAJOBS account; however, if you need more information on the application process or on the status of your application during any part of the recruitment, please contact:

DON Employment Info Center EIC
Phone: 1-800-378-4559
TDD: (858)577-5723

Positions in Barcelona

Professor Nataša Pržulj is looking for several PhD students to work in analyzing large-scale molecular and patient data to aid personalizing treatment.  The successful candidates will work on the prestigious ERC Consolidator grant of Prof. Pržulj titled “Integrated Connectedness for a New Representation of Biology”.  The successful candidates will complete a PhD, which will address multiple topics: developing and applying sophisticated models and algorithms carefully tuned to extract relevant biological and medical knowledge from systems-level real-world molecular and medical data, including whole genome sequences, epigenetic data, protein-protein interaction networks, signaling networks, metabolic networks, transcriptional regulation networks, gene and disease ontologies, drug similarity networks, drug-target interactions, drug-drug interactions, patient records, lifestyle data, electronic health records etc.; the aim is to mine these inter-linked heterogeneous networked data for new biological and medical insight that would lead to improving diagnostics, discovering new biomarkers, improving patient stratification and treatment, personalizing treatment and facilitate rational drug development. The successful candidates will join a dynamic research group of Prof. Przulj within BSC.  The students will work in a highly sophisticated HPC environment, will have access to systems and computational infrastructures, and will establish collaborations with experts in different areas.

Applications Procedure

Please send the following documents to

1.      A full CV including contact details.
2.      Academic transcripts from Undergraduate and MSc.
3.      Three letters of recommendation. The references should email their letters directly to before the deadline.
4.      A statement of motivation and research interests.

Comp Sci alum Joel Helling working as a Software Engineer at GBL in Camarillo

Joel Helling is a Software Engineer at GBL Systems Corporation and part-time lecturer at CSUCI. He started working at GBL Systems, a government contractor based in Camarillo, in 2014 working on various projects from automated website design, implementation, and testing to desktop application development. Currently, he develops Test and Evaluation tools for the Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) and supports the development of the Testing and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) Software Development Activity (SDA) including maintaining and updating legacy applications, and designing and implementing new software tools.

Joel completed his Master’s in Computer Science in 2018. His Master’s Thesis, under the advisement of Dr. Soltys, discussed the intersection of stringology and graph theory by relating indeterminate strings with undirected graphs and proving some properties of the indeterminate string and its associated alphabet size. The paper was later published in the Journal of Theoretical Computer Science. Currently, Joel is also working as a part-time lecturer for CSUCI. See here for details.

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