Meet the Hackers Holding Netflix to Ransom – Motherboard

The Dark Overlord attempted to extort plenty of companies before targeting Netflix.

Last week, a hacker or group of hackers dumped apparent full episodes of Orange Is the New Black after Netflix allegedly declined to pay a ransom, and has threatened to release a number of other shows too, including Celebrity Apprentice, New Girl, and The Catch. But this was only the latest move from the group. Known as The Dark Overlord, the hackers have established themselves with a dizzying number of data breaches, often stealing mountains of sensitive corporate and personal data.

For nearly a year, Motherboard and a handful of other journalists have followed The Dark Overlord, and watched it evolve from a group learning how to manipulate the media to aid in extortion attempts, to a ruthless and apparently organized criminal enterprise, albeit one whose ultimate financial success is unclear.

Source: Meet the Hackers Holding Netflix to Ransom – Motherboard

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