Comp Sci 2MJ3: Theory of Computation
Fall 2010


Problems and tests:

The following are review problems from Sipser; it is important that you do them in preparation for the test (they are not to be handed in).

Given that we have 6 tests, and that October 11th is Thanksgiving, and that tests cannot be scheduled starting November 30th, all six tests will be given on Mondays, every two weeks, starting Monday September 20. The tests will be written in class, in the usual classroom--no aids are allowed, and the duration will be 50 minutes.

Test 1 September 20 solutions
Test 2 October 4 solutions; notice that solution to Q3 is provided as answer to Q1.23 in Sipser; correction to Q1
Test 3 October 18 solutions
Test 4 November 1 solutions
Test 5 November 15 solutions
Test 6 November 29 solutions
Final Exam December 22 questions