Computer Science 11th Advisory Board Meeting

The 11th Computer Science Advisory Board meeting at California State University Channel Islands will take place on May 5, 2023, 12:00-2:00pm, in Sierra Hall 1411, followed by the Capstone Showcase in the Sierra Hall lobby, 2:00-4:00pm.

Sierra Hall Lobby during Capstone Showcase
Senior Capstone Students


  1. Lunch while meeting
  2. Chris Meissner: Welcome by Chris Meissner
    a. Introductions of board members
  3. Michael Soltys: Departmental update 10 min
    a. Enrollment challenges
    b. Scott Feister: HPC competition
    c. Kevin Scrivnor: Krypto competition
    e. EDC/GBL/AWS Upskilling opportunity
  4. Member profile: Alan Jaeger on Fathomwerx at Port Hueneme 30 min
  5. Update on new programs
    a. Eric Kaltman: Gaming
    b. Reza Abdolee: Cybersecurity
    c. Vida Vakilian: SCADA Essential and Data Management
  6. Jason Isaacs: update on Mechatronics ABET accreditation
  7. Open discussion with board members

most Important: CaPstone Showcase

  1. Aaron Forman:
  2. Hayley Ruttenberg:
  3. Ramtin Saremi:
  4. Elias Serzhan:
  5. Ian Khoo, Escaping Inferno,
  6. Stephen Snebold, Hostile Entities,
  7. Ashley Gray
  8. Alexis Gomez
  9. Aaron Urrea
  10. BABS Team:
  11. Acoustic Gripper Team:
  12. Solar Team:
  13. GARLIC Team:
  14. Enrique Garcia and Eli Clemens:
  15. Charlie Hernandez & Zachary Drake:  
  16. Andrew Graves:
  17. Jamie Hernandez:
  19. Jacob Gelman:
  20. Mario Ayala Fuentes:
  21. Tyler Mclaughlin and Rica Ley Madayag:
  22. Sheradyn Ruef:
  23. Adam Larson:
  24. Frances Zercher: 
  25. Amanda Dawley:
  26. Taseen Hafiz:
  27. Jaskirat Singh:
  28. Jon Roeske, Evan Miller and Huey Hsu:
  29. Shani Melbourne and Denise Anciola:
  30. Rebecca Freeman:
  31. Alexandra Credico:
  32. Kadejha Jones:
  33. Eddie Lovato:
  34. Madayln Henderson:
  35. Nancy Ambriz Madelyne Lu:

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Computer Science 10th Advisory Board Meeting

The 10th Computer Science Advisory Board (AB) meeting at California State University Channel Islands will take place on December 2, 2022, 12:00-2:00pm, in the Evans room at the Broome Library (Broome 2533), followed by the Capstone Showcase in the Sierra Hall lobby, 2:00-4:00pm.


  1. Welcome by Chris Meissner, Chair of the Computer Science Advisory Board
  2. Introductions
  3. Update on the Department, by Michael Soltys, Chair of the Department of Computer Science:
    • Thank you to Susan and Bob Brown for donating for our students to go to coding competitions
    • Dr. Larry Masinter donated to the CS Department and SHFT to support student research collaboration with, a 501c(3) devoted to the preservation of the ACM award-winning Medley / Interlisp System developed at Xerox PARC
    • Also donations from Allan Gottlieb, American Endowment Foundation, Kevin Knoedler, Randall McNary and Meissner Filtration.
    • 3 of us are tenured, and 2 more have gone up for tenure this year.
    • We are struggling with enrollment
  4. Updates from faculty:
    • Reza Abdolee and Vida Vakilian: Establishment of new lab in Ojai with Industrial Control System testbeds; Reza will update on Cybersecurity efforts; also on a new partnership with Rockwell Automation
    • Scott Feister: Dept of Energy and SuperComputing competition
    • Eric Kaltman: Established online presence for the Software History Futures and Technologies (SHFT) research group: ; signed a publication contract for a short book, An Overview of Emulation as a Preservation Method, for the Council of Library and Information Resources (CLIR) “Pocket Burgundy” Series; Established a computer game lab at CI with staffed student support for 30 hours a week; Game Development Minor Revision is nearing complete approval for 2023-2024
    • Jason Isaacs: ABET for Mechatronics; see slides below.
    • Brian Thoms: “Formation and Action of a Learning Community with Collaborative Learning Software,” accepted into the Journal of Management Information Systems
    • Bahareh Abbasi: Purchasing an industrial robotic arm for Robotics lab, Sawyer robot from Rethink Robotics
  5. Discussion
  6. 2:00pm walk over to Sierra Hall for Capstone Showcase


most Important: CaPstone Showcase

  1. Luis Chavez –
  2. Eli Flores –
  4. Norah Milne – Nonogram Me –
  5. Desireé Caldera and Evan Jacobs – Entertainment Technology Center Data Analysis –
  6. Evan Burschinger – Project Rogue Mind –
  7. Jeffrey Foyil – Academon –
  8. Christopher Chang – QCSimple –
  9. Brandon Marziole –
  10. Adam Hesse –
  15. Daniel Rojas:
  16. Tyler Sellers:
  17. PatrickMcdonough:
  18. Daren Brown:
  22. Dominique Malgeri:

Computer Science 9th Advisory Board Meeting

Chris Meissner

The 9th Computer Science Advisory Board (AB) meeting at California State University Channel Islands took place on May 13, 2022, 1:00-2:00pm, followed by the Capstone Showcase in the Sierra Hall lobby.

The chair of the AB is Chris Meissner (photo left), who introduced the meeting. As there were construction closures on campus, some AB members did not make it to the meeting, but were able to attend the Capstone showcase which followed immediately 2:00-3:00.

Michael Soltys, the chair of the department of Computer Science, gave a short update on the department including the enrollment numbers:

Computer ScienceInformation TechnologyMechatronics Engineering
Spring 20222798363
Enrollment Numbers

Professor Jason Isaacs is going to be sending an email to the AB to review the Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs), which is one or the roles of the AB for ABET accreditation. The last time the PEOs were examined was at the 3rd AB meeting in November 2018.

Eric Kaltman discussed his work on revamping the Minor in Gaming, a popular minor with students; and a great way of attracting students to the Computer Science department. The slides of the presentation are given at the end of this page.

Timur Taluy from FileYourTaxes gave a presentation on his company, its recent fast growth, and mentioned how CI students were hired over the years, both as interns and permanent employees, and about the deployment of AWS cloud technology (which we teach at CI) to meet the sudden spikes in demand (especially around tax day every year) without making permanent capital investments in hardware infrastructure.

most Important: CaPstone Showcase

  26. ttps://

Slides on games minor

Slides of Prof Eric Kaltman on the revamped Games Minor.


Sam Mazarei at GBL

Sam has always been interested in puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers. When he was young, he enjoyed taking everything apart to see how it worked, often forgetting to put things back together. As he got older this desire to understand how things work became a fascination with tech in general, so when the time was right he enrolled in community college to study Computer Science.

Sam is now a Senior in Computer Science at CI, graduating in December 2021. During the summer 2021, Sam did an internship as a Software Developer at GBL Systems, where he participated in a large scale software development effort, using the Agile methodology, and CI/CD. Sam became enthusiastic about programming, and has contributed several tickets, and many technical solutions, to the project.

Travis Chamness at GBL

Travis Chamness is a software development intern at GBL systems, assisting in the review of active systems.

Travis is a senior student at CI, majoring in Computer Science. His LinkedIn profile can be seen here, and he has an active GitHub repository that can be visited here.

I discovered computer science to be the most interesting major I had investigated after switching my academic major seven times. What resonated with me about computer science was the depth of knowledge needed, the creativity employed, and a need for deep work. These characteristics are what drive me in all of my hobbies whether it is surfing, guitar, culinary, or anything else I choose to do with my time. While in my undergraduate program at CI I worked as a peer-led team leader for COMP 105, 150, and 151. This was opportunity for me to share knowledge and passion as well as to help bond the Channel Islands computer science community.

Travis Chamness

Jason Morgan at GBL

Jason Morgan is a graduating Computer Science student from CI, who started an internship position at GBL Systems as a Software Developer.

Jason’s LinkedIn page can be seen here; Jason is an AWS Cloud Academy graduate, with a course in Architecting and a course in Developing. Jason is also a music educator, specializing in percussion.