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Graduate theses

  1. M.Sc. Shuhui (Melinda) Yu, completed December 2023. Thesis title: A Comparative Study of Manual Machine Learning and AutoML Approaches for Predicting Remaining Useful Life in NASA’s Turbofan Engine Degradation [doi]
  2. M.Sc. Kelly Armstrong, completed November 2021. Thesis title: Applying Machine Learning to Predict Symmetric Encryption Algorithms Inputs. [doi]
  3. M.Sc. Kyle Robert Crockett, completed August 2021. Thesis title: Toward Efficient Clustering of Time Series Automotive Signal Data. [doi]
  4. M.Sc. Monica Tandel, completed August 2021. Thesis title: Refactoring a Web Application using Microservices. [doi]
  5. M.Sc. Kaveh Arashvand, completed May 2021. Thesis title: AWS NoAuto Scaling Group.
  6. M.Sc. Zane Gittins, completed December 2020. Thesis title: Malware Persistence Mechanisms.
  7. M.Sc. Samuel Decanio, completed December 2020. Thesis title: Voyager: Tracking Via a Click.
  8. M.Sc. Christopher R. Devlin, completed December 2019. Thesis title: Voting Systems: From Method to Algorithm.
  9. M.Sc. Rihan Stephen Pereira, completed December 2019. Thesis title: WHIRLPOOL: Data Acquisition using N-node Distributed Web Crawler.
  10. M.Sc. Hang Zhang, completed December 2019. Thesis title: Turing machine simulator and its underlying mechanism.
  11. M.Sc. Jack BJ Bension, completed December 2019. Thesis title: The Importance of NBA Box Score Statistical Outbursts.
  12. M.Sc. Eric Gentry, completed May 2019. Thesis title: SEAKER: A Mobile Digital Forensic Triage Device.
  13. M.Sc. Geetanjali Agarwal, completed December 2018. Thesis title: Aneka: Detecting various forms of the same wavelet image hashing algorithm.
  14. M.Sc. Ryan McIntyre, completed May 2018. Thesis title: Bounding the size of minimal clique covers.
  15. M.Sc. Deepa Suryawanshi, completed May 2018. Thesis title: Image Recognition.
  16. M.Sc. Chris Kuske, completed May 2018. Thesis title: Derivation of consistent pairwise matrices.
  17. M.Sc. Dhruv Pandya, completed December 2017. Thesis title: Voyager: Identifying IPs from Online Clicks.
  18. M.Sc. Hita Gambheer, completed December 2016. Thesis title: Design Safety Verification of Medical Device Models using Automata Theory.
  19. M.Sc. Joel Helling, completed June 2016. Thesis title: Constructing an Indeterminate String from its Associated Graph.
  20. Ph.D. Neerja Pophli, completed August 2016. Thesis title: A Generalization of Square-Free Strings.
  21. Ph.D. Mohamed Sabry, in progress, expected to finish 2018.  Subject: Complexity/Cryptography.
  22. Ph.D. Ariel Fernández, completed August 2013. Thesis title: Formalizing combinatorial matrix theory.
  23. M.Eng. Filip Jeremic, completed May 2013. Project title: Parallel Lattice Basis Reduction.
  24. M.Sc. Dragan Rakas, completed May 2013. Thesis title: A Proof of Concept for Homomorphically Evaluating an Encrypted Assembly Language.
  25. M.Eng. Mohamed Sabry, completed May 2011. Thesis title: An implementation of the GGH cryptosystem.
  26. Ph.D. Greg Herman, completed March 2009. Thesis title: Unambiguous functions in logarithmic space.
  27. M.Sc. Craig Wilson, completed May 2008. Thesis title: Computing winning strategies for poset games.
  28. M.Sc. Tim Paterson, completed April 2006. Thesis title: A propositional proof system with permutation quantifiers.
  29. M.Sc. Yu-Tong HE, co-supervised with Dr. Janicki, completed June 2003. Thesis title: Verification of the WAP Transaction Layer using Model Checker SPIN.

senior Capstones

This section is under construction as of June 2018; more will be added.

  1. Brandon Artner and Ty Danet,  Securing the Electorate: A Cryptographic Vote, May 2018 [poster][blog]
  2. Zane Gittins, Cyber Security Best Practices, May 2018. [poster]
  3. Nicholas Rocksvold, Android Reverse Engineering, May 2018. [poster]
  4. Samuel Decanio and Vlad Synnes, Voyager 2: S.A.V.E.I.T., December 2018. [poster][blog]
  5. Huber Mattias, Digital Forensics and Security Toolkit, May 2017. [poster]
  6. James Allen
  7. Carlos Gomez, iSprinkle: Design and Implementation of an internet-enabled sprinkler timer, December 2016 [poster][blog]
  8. Fawaz Ismail, Diana Najda, Joseph Seger, Omar Abou-Youssef, A Key-Chain implementation, 2013/2014 (McMaster).
  9. Andrew Martel, John Parke, Greg Brunet, Mark Armstrong, Distributed Hash Table, 2012/2013 (McMaster).
  10. Widmer Bland, Neil Bhakta, Gabriel Alex, Designing a Search Engine, 2011/2012 (McMaster).
  11. Martin Cammisa, Nathan Kruger, Christo Mitov, Jevonne Peters, GGH Cryptosystem, 2010/2011 (McMaster)