Computer Science 11th Advisory Board Meeting

The 11th Computer Science Advisory Board meeting at California State University Channel Islands will take place on May 5, 2023, 12:00-2:00pm, in Sierra Hall 1411, followed by the Capstone Showcase in the Sierra Hall lobby, 2:00-4:00pm.

Sierra Hall Lobby during Capstone Showcase
Senior Capstone Students


  1. Lunch while meeting
  2. Chris Meissner: Welcome by Chris Meissner
    a. Introductions of board members
  3. Michael Soltys: Departmental update 10 min
    a. Enrollment challenges
    b. Scott Feister: HPC competition
    c. Kevin Scrivnor: Krypto competition
    e. EDC/GBL/AWS Upskilling opportunity
  4. Member profile: Alan Jaeger on Fathomwerx at Port Hueneme 30 min
  5. Update on new programs
    a. Eric Kaltman: Gaming
    b. Reza Abdolee: Cybersecurity
    c. Vida Vakilian: SCADA Essential and Data Management
  6. Jason Isaacs: update on Mechatronics ABET accreditation
  7. Open discussion with board members

most Important: CaPstone Showcase

  1. Aaron Forman:
  2. Hayley Ruttenberg:
  3. Ramtin Saremi:
  4. Elias Serzhan:
  5. Ian Khoo, Escaping Inferno,
  6. Stephen Snebold, Hostile Entities,
  7. Ashley Gray
  8. Alexis Gomez
  9. Aaron Urrea
  10. BABS Team:
  11. Acoustic Gripper Team:
  12. Solar Team:
  13. GARLIC Team:
  14. Enrique Garcia and Eli Clemens:
  15. Charlie Hernandez & Zachary Drake:  
  16. Andrew Graves:
  17. Jamie Hernandez:
  19. Jacob Gelman:
  20. Mario Ayala Fuentes:
  21. Tyler Mclaughlin and Rica Ley Madayag:
  22. Sheradyn Ruef:
  23. Adam Larson:
  24. Frances Zercher: 
  25. Amanda Dawley:
  26. Taseen Hafiz:
  27. Jaskirat Singh:
  28. Jon Roeske, Evan Miller and Huey Hsu:
  29. Shani Melbourne and Denise Anciola:
  30. Rebecca Freeman:
  31. Alexandra Credico:
  32. Kadejha Jones:
  33. Eddie Lovato:
  34. Madayln Henderson:
  35. Nancy Ambriz Madelyne Lu:

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