Computer Science 10th Advisory Board Meeting

The 10th Computer Science Advisory Board (AB) meeting at California State University Channel Islands will take place on December 2, 2022, 12:00-2:00pm, in the Evans room at the Broome Library (Broome 2533), followed by the Capstone Showcase in the Sierra Hall lobby, 2:00-4:00pm.


  1. Welcome by Chris Meissner, Chair of the Computer Science Advisory Board
  2. Introductions
  3. Update on the Department, by Michael Soltys, Chair of the Department of Computer Science:
    • Thank you to Susan and Bob Brown for donating for our students to go to coding competitions
    • Dr. Larry Masinter donated to the CS Department and SHFT to support student research collaboration with, a 501c(3) devoted to the preservation of the ACM award-winning Medley / Interlisp System developed at Xerox PARC
    • Also donations from Allan Gottlieb, American Endowment Foundation, Kevin Knoedler, Randall McNary and Meissner Filtration.
    • 3 of us are tenured, and 2 more have gone up for tenure this year.
    • We are struggling with enrollment
  4. Updates from faculty:
    • Reza Abdolee and Vida Vakilian: Establishment of new lab in Ojai with Industrial Control System testbeds; Reza will update on Cybersecurity efforts; also on a new partnership with Rockwell Automation
    • Scott Feister: Dept of Energy and SuperComputing competition
    • Eric Kaltman: Established online presence for the Software History Futures and Technologies (SHFT) research group: ; signed a publication contract for a short book, An Overview of Emulation as a Preservation Method, for the Council of Library and Information Resources (CLIR) “Pocket Burgundy” Series; Established a computer game lab at CI with staffed student support for 30 hours a week; Game Development Minor Revision is nearing complete approval for 2023-2024
    • Jason Isaacs: ABET for Mechatronics; see slides below.
    • Brian Thoms: “Formation and Action of a Learning Community with Collaborative Learning Software,” accepted into the Journal of Management Information Systems
    • Bahareh Abbasi: Purchasing an industrial robotic arm for Robotics lab, Sawyer robot from Rethink Robotics
  5. Discussion
  6. 2:00pm walk over to Sierra Hall for Capstone Showcase


most Important: CaPstone Showcase

  1. Luis Chavez –
  2. Eli Flores –
  4. Norah Milne – Nonogram Me –
  5. Desireé Caldera and Evan Jacobs – Entertainment Technology Center Data Analysis –
  6. Evan Burschinger – Project Rogue Mind –
  7. Jeffrey Foyil – Academon –
  8. Christopher Chang – QCSimple –
  9. Brandon Marziole –
  10. Adam Hesse –
  15. Daniel Rojas:
  16. Tyler Sellers:
  17. PatrickMcdonough:
  18. Daren Brown:
  22. Dominique Malgeri:

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