Talk by Ariel Fernandez on Sep 26

I am very happy to host my former PhD student Ariel Fernandez, who is going to give a talk on Monday Sep 26, at 6pm, in Broome Library 1360. Below is the biographical sketch of Ariel, and the abstract of his talk.

Bio sketch of Ariel Fernandez: I did my PhD at the McMaster University, under the supervision of Michael Soltys-Kulinicz. My research is in the area of proof complexity and algorithms, especially inspired by the subject of Combinatorial Matrix Theory, which combines linear algebra, graph theory, and combinatorics, and has a rich algorithmic content. Also I am interested in Cryptography & Security, in particular in Lattice Based Cryptography, and I was part of the research group FRAISE. Recently I have also become interested in Quantum Computing, and especially in the study of quantum concepts in Proof Complexity.

From 2013 I am working on the cartographic industry and Geographic Information Systems (GIS systems), I became the CEO of a maps making company called “Filcar SRL” running my business in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company is dedicated to design maps, routes, and streets guidance.”

Abstract : This presentation is twofo9-26-2016-grad-seminar-posterld:

On one side, we talk about what is Combinatorial Matrix Theory (CMT), what is Proof Complexity, and we show how to combine this two fields, in order to present a feasible framework to analyze and formalize concepts in CMT. We take a proof-complexity approach to formalize Mini-Max type of reasoning within our framework. And finally, we present a new Permutation Based Algorithm which arise from taking a CMT-approach to an important problem in Matching Theory.

On the other side, I am going to expose my PhD experiences, addressing some questions about why I decided to do a PhD, what were the different stages of the process of doing my PhD, which obstacles that I have faced, and how I exceeded. Finally, I would like to expose how and what I learned in my PhD that helps me to run a better business in my country.

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