Great Comp Sci talk by Adrian Domanico from Facebook

On March 27, 2018, we had a great talk in Computer Science by Adrian Domanico, from Facebook, on being a Software Engineering in the industry, both at small startups and at large companies such as Facebook.

From the abstract of the talk:  Is working as a software engineer just spewing code into an editor? Being an effective software engineer is so much more. It requires careful consideration of other domains outside of pure engineering. We will dive into what it means to be an effective software engineer in a start-up/tech company and how to build real value (with code of course!).

Building an iOS client that scales well to hundreds (thousands?!) of contributors and millions of users is not an easy task. We will dive into some of the common patterns & anti-patterns used to build a well designed iOS application. We will also discuss some of the tools we use at Facebook to accomplish this and make our codebase more maintainable.

Adrian Domanico is an iOS Software Engineer currently working on Messenger and he is passionate about all things iOS and mobile.

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