Comp Sci @CSUCI seminar on algorithms by Marina Lepikhina @TheTradeDesk

Speaker: Marina Lepikhina, Principal Software Engineer at The Trade Desk
Title: Forecasting for advertising campaigns. How we utilize HyperLogLog and Minhash algorithms to estimate number of available impressions.
Bio: At The Trade Desk Marina Lepikhina designs and executes solutions for a complex business problems involving data at a large scale.
When/Where: Tuesday May 1st at 7pm in Sierra Hall 2422
Marina will be introduces by Zak Stengel, Senior Vice President of Engineering.
From the Trade Desk site:

Every day, media is becoming more fragmented as old models are reinvented digitally. This new landscape makes it harder for advertisers to reach their audience and requires an unbiased partner with powerful technology to help media buyers coordinate campaigns across digital channels.

With The Trade Desk, buyers can value each impression like traders value stocks, using first and third party data to decide which impression to buy and how much to pay. Customers can also use our APIs to build their own proprietary analytic insights or access our bidders to create specialty DSP offerings.

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