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Professor Nataša Pržulj is looking for several PhD students to work in analyzing large-scale molecular and patient data to aid personalizing treatment.  The successful candidates will work on the prestigious ERC Consolidator grant of Prof. Pržulj titled “Integrated Connectedness for a New Representation of Biology”.  The successful candidates will complete a PhD, which will address multiple topics: developing and applying sophisticated models and algorithms carefully tuned to extract relevant biological and medical knowledge from systems-level real-world molecular and medical data, including whole genome sequences, epigenetic data, protein-protein interaction networks, signaling networks, metabolic networks, transcriptional regulation networks, gene and disease ontologies, drug similarity networks, drug-target interactions, drug-drug interactions, patient records, lifestyle data, electronic health records etc.; the aim is to mine these inter-linked heterogeneous networked data for new biological and medical insight that would lead to improving diagnostics, discovering new biomarkers, improving patient stratification and treatment, personalizing treatment and facilitate rational drug development. The successful candidates will join a dynamic research group of Prof. Przulj within BSC.  The students will work in a highly sophisticated HPC environment, will have access to systems and computational infrastructures, and will establish collaborations with experts in different areas.

Applications Procedure

Please send the following documents to natasha@bsc.es:

1.      A full CV including contact details.
2.      Academic transcripts from Undergraduate and MSc.
3.      Three letters of recommendation. The references should email their letters directly to natasha@bsc.es before the deadline.
4.      A statement of motivation and research interests.

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