OLLI talk on Cybersecurity June 8 at 10:00am

Michael Soltys OLLI talk on Cybersecurity
June 8, 10:00am-12:00pm.
In Broome Library 2325

Title: Best practices for staying safe on the Internet

Abstract: The Internet enables us to do wonderful things: stay connected with family and friends (e.g., Skype), shop from the comfort of our home (e.g., Amazon), watch movies at the time of our choosing and without commercials (e.g., Netflix), and check news headlines personalized to our interests and tastes (e.g., Twitter). But all this comes with a slew of threats and dangers: like the highwaymen of old, hackers prey on vulnerable victims, without having to leave their house, and covered by a blanket of anonymity. This talk will present best practices to stay safe on the Internet, enjoy its benefits, and reduce its risks.

I will also discuss the recent OAuthy and WannaCry attacks.

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2 thoughts on “OLLI talk on Cybersecurity June 8 at 10:00am”

  1. Very interesting talk. Two questions: 1) If I encrypt my hard drive does that make it harder for a ransomware virus to encrypt it? 2) I think you mentioned a program that adds 2-factor authorization to many sites. What was the name of it?


    1. Hi Michael,

      1) Unfortunately, it does not matter whether you encrypt your hd or not; ransomeware software does not need to “understand” your files to encrypt them. It does not care what is on your disc; it just encrypts it.
      2) I use Authy (https://authy.com), because it works with several of my accounts (for example, Amazon AWS). But there are other good programs.

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