Complex Ranking Procedures

Complex Ranking Procedures is a paper co-authored by Barbara Sandrasagra and Michael Soltys, that appeared in a Special Issue of Fundamenta Informaticae dedicated to a method of ranking known as Pairwise Comparisons (Volume 144, Number 3-4, Pages 223-240, 2016). The full paper can be found here:

This paper is a continuation of work that was first presented at the conference KES2014, tilted Fair ranking in competitive bidding procurement: A case analysisand where it was given the best paper award; click tag kes2014 for more background.

In Complex Ranking Procedures we propose a research program for developing a formal framework for ranking procedures based on the Pairwise Comparisons method. We are interested in the case where relatively few items are to be ranked with a complex procedure and according to a large number of criteria. A typical example of this scenario is a competition where several companies bid for a contract, and where the selection of the winner is done with multiple criteria according to an intricate selection procedure. Several other applications are suggested.

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